• Muscular Therapy of Boston

    Arthur Madore is passionate about helping people relieve their pain and restore their active lives.

    Muscular Therapy of Boston
  • My Personal Perspective on Chronic Pain and Movement Dysfunction

    I am very dedicated to fitness and a very active lifestyle that includes hiking, swimming, skiing, running, and the occasional triathlon. It would be a great loss to me if I could no longer do these activities. I can totally relate to individuals who come to me because their physical way of life has changed… [Continue Reading]

    My Personal Perspective on Chronic Pain and Movement Dysfunction
  • Therapeutic Massage

    Besides the obvious relaxation benefits, massage removes irritating toxins, renews muscle suppleness, and releases embedded trigger points. For specific injuries the work is focused on a thorough treatment of every surface of the relevant soft tissue.

    Therapeutic Massage
  • Core Movement Integration

    Central to the philosophy of Muscular Therapy is learning the skills necessary for you to maintain your own muscular health. This is an individualized program that addresses your particular challenges in having the lifestyle you want.

    Core Movement Integration
  • What is Muscular Therapy?

    Muscular Therapy is a system of manual techniques used to treat soft tissue injuries and pain patterns. There are three main elements of Muscular Therapy: Massage, Core Alignment and Movement Education.

    What is Muscular Therapy?